My art comes from curiosity. There is no learning without curiosity. My inspiration comes from my family, my pets, and commuters on the bus or trolley letting a glimpse of who they are on a passing ride. “The senses are sharp. See the world taking care of it’s business. The roar, the snarl, skin stretched over teeth. The madness,”said Anthony Minghella in his famous “Cigarettes and chocolates” play, and I approach to art the same way. My paintings (traditional or digital) are a way of seeing, of sharpening the senses. And through that process I begin to learn, just like the totemist grasped the essence of things by observing. I paste collages of Nordic gods, paint on a digital canvas a collective portrait of trolley riders trying to get their “pan de cada día”, with acrylics I give form to a two-headed catrina more akin to alebrijes than her Posada’s older sister. I don’t stick with one theme or a medium, but I try to convey my observations (whether internal or external) in what I do. I might be wrong, yet they are my interpretations of the things I confront or discover every day.